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VS BN Serie


The devices of the VS BN series can automatically charge and discharge a battery, especially in off-grid PV systems

The current operating status is determined by a hybrid actuator and, as a result, the charging process is optimized using the principle of pulse width modulation. Therefore, PWM charge controllers are much more effective than simple linear charge controllers. The built-in microprocessor charges the battery gently and guarantees a long service life for your solar batteries.

The charge status and charging via the solar module can be seen from the LEDs. The built-in undervoltage protection prevents the battery from discharging too much. This prevents the batteries from being overcharged, as the charge controller stops charging when full capacity is reached.


  • Keeps the battery fully charged
  • Can be used for acid, AGM, gel and lithium batteries
  • Prevents the battery from delivering voltage to the solar system at night
  • Polarity reversal protection for battery and solar panel
  • External battery temperature sensor can be connected
  • RS485 / interface with Modbus protocol available
  • Automatic shutdown if the charging current exceeds the capacity of the controller
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Timer function up to 1-15 hours Option for night lighting
  • LED indicates the battery charge status
  • LCD display with 4 buttons for selection and menu
  • PWM – Modulation
  • Automatic switching on / off of the charging current, depending on the battery charge
  • 4 battery types adjustable ( open acid, AGM, gel, user)
  • Suitable for lithium batteries


  • Solar- Home System
  • Traffic signals
  • Solar lights
  • Video surveillance etc.

Technical specifications

PWM charge controller 10/20/30/45 A

  • 12-24V system voltage
  • Open circuit voltage up to 50V
  • Negative grounding

PWM charge controller 45/60 A

  • 12/24/36/48V system voltage
  • Open circuit voltage up to 96V
  • Negative grounding