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GoMate Serie


The GoMate series combines design with technology and is the eye-catcher among solar charge controllers.

The fully integrated solar charge controllers were specially developed for an aesthetically inconspicuous installation. They work with an efficient PWM charging mode and are equipped with a special LCD display that shows the real-time data of the system.

All operating states can be read off quickly and easily directly on the display. The charge regulator works completely automatically and is easy to use.

The GoMate regulates the PV current and protects your battery from overcharging. The device is compatible with 12-24 volt photovoltaic systems and can be used with any off-grid solar system, e.g. in mobile homes, garden houses, boats or vehicles.


  • Fully integrable device in a modern design
  • High quality and fail-safe components for a long product life
  • Intelligent 3-stage charging curve: Bulk, Boost / Equalize and Float
  • Battery types: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User (AGM, Gel, Liquid and User)
  • Real-time display of energy statistics
  • Battery temperature compensation function
  • Digital LCD monitor for an informative display of the operating parameters and error messages
  • Connection for voltage drop and temperature compensation
  • RS-485 interface with Modbus protocol and short-circuit protection for 5V / 200mA applications
  • Different communication options
  • Nominal charging power at operating temperature without reduction
  • Comprehensive electronic protection
  • Display and setting of the parameters via PC software or app