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LS EU Series


Charging rules EPSolar PWM LS-EU Series

The LS-EU-Spar solar charge controller is a new member of the LandStar family and ideal for small solar systems, especially household systems.

The LS-EU series also has a + 5V / 1.2 A USB port, for example to charge mobile phones, fans and other electronic devices.


  • Highly efficient PWM charging technology to increase battery life and improve solar yield
  • Using MOSFET as an electronic switch, without mechanical switches or relays
  • Intuitive LED displays for the battery voltage status
  • 3 different battery types adjustable gel, AGM or open lead-acid battery.
  • Manuelle Steuerung des Verbraucherausgangs möglich
  • Temperaturkompensation zum optimalen Laden und Entladen der Batterie
  • Benutzerfreundlichkeit, komfortabel und bequem einstellbar

Elektronische Schutzfunktionen:

  • Überlastschutz
  • Kurzschlussschutz
  • Batterie-Tiefentladeschutz
  • Batterie-Verpolungsschutz