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DuoRacer Series (10-30A)


Charge controller EPSolar MPPT DuoRacer 10-30A

Highly efficient, compact and reliable charge controller to use the full power of your solar modules

The MPPT charge controller DuoRacer from EPSolar was specially designed to charge two batteries in a solar system at the same time. Several battery types (sealed, gel, flooded, LiFePO4 and Li-NiCoMn) are supported.

MPPT Charge Controller 10A-30A

12-24V system voltage

MPP voltage range up to 72V

Negative grounding

The MPPT solar charge controller Duo Racer from EPSolar charges two batteries (BATT1 and BATT2) at the same time and is therefore ideal for traveling in the home and in a car. With the AES interface, the DuoRacer is able to deliver excess PV energy to loads such as a refrigerator.

BATT1 = battery storage for supplying consumers in an island system, household (supports Sealed, Gel, Flooded, LiFePO4, Li-NiCoMn)
BATT2 = battery storage for supplying vehicles, boats (only supports lead-acid batteries)


MPPT technology with efficiency = 99.5%

Sophisticated MPPT control algorithm to minimize MPP loss rate

automatic limitation of charging power and charging current

LCD display - display and setting of parameters

RS485 interface, Modbus protocol

Compatible with LiFePo4 and Li-NiCoMn batteries

Automatic energy-saving mode when charging power is too low

Wide MPP operating voltage range

Variety of protection mechanisms (deep discharge, overcharge, overvoltage protection)

AES interface for max. utilisation of the PV surplus


The monitoring and evaluation of the data can be carried out by means of PC software. The controller must be connected to the PC either directly via RS485 cable or via WLAN/Bluetooth with the e-box-WiFi / e-box-BLE.

An adapter is required to supply consumers with 12V via the AES interface.