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IPower Plus Series

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Sine wave inverter EPSolar IPower Plus series 1500-3000W 12-48V

For use in solar applications, car, boat, camping, outdoor, caravan, motorhome etc.


  • Nominal voltage battery: 12V / 24V / 48V
  • Continuous output power: 1500W – 3000W
  • Maximum power: 3000W – 6000W (short-term peak)
  • compatible with lithium batteries
  • compatible with display/remote control and eBox – Wifi/BLE


The IPower Plus sine wave inverter fully digitally converts 12V/24V/48V DC to 220/230V 50/60Hz AC. High reliability, high efficiency, compact size, easy installation and operation characterize the IPower Plus series. The inverters can be used in a wide variety of appliances such as home appliances, power tools and industrial applications, and are especially suitable for photovoltaic systems.


  • Input and output are completely isolated from each other
  • Advanced SPWM technology for pure sine wave Output
  • Suppression function surge currents for lithium BMS
  • Simple wiring and 180° rotatable LCD Display
  • Protection functions input: reverse polarity, undervoltage, overvoltage
  • Protective functions output: overload, short circuit, overheating
  • RS485 interface for display/remote control and eBox -Wifi/BLE
  • USB interface for direct power supply of small electrical consumers (not available for 48V models)
  • Monitoring of data and modification of parameters possible via PC software or smartphone APP (requires eBox)