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VS AU Series

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The VS series is a generation of charge controllers for off-grid solar systems, such as street lighting, solar home systems or small power plants, etc. It combines an LCD display, reliable battery charging, fully electronic protection, programmable parameters as well as other features and powerful functions.


  • Intelligent 3-level PWM charge detection: bulk, boost / equalize, float
  • 3 supported battery options: Sealed, Gel, and Flooded
  • LCD display
  • Multiple types of load control
    Battery temperature compensation
    Comprehensive electronic protection devices

Available in:

  • 30/45/60 A for 12/24/36 / 48V system voltage
  • 10/20/30/45/60 A for 12 / 24V system voltage


  • Keeps the battery fully charged
  • Can be used for acid, AGM, gel
  • Reverse polarity protection for battery and solar panel
  • External battery temperature sensor can be connected
  • Prevents damage to the battery
  • Automatic shutdown if the charging current exceeds the capacity of the controller
  • Timer function option for night lighting
  • LCD display
  • PWM modulation
  • 2 USB ports


  • Solar lighting system
  • Solar home system
  • Solar monitoring
  • Caravan and boats
  • Solar road traffic signals
  • Solar power plant

Technical specifications

PWM charge controller 10/20/30/45/60 A

  • System voltage 12 / 24V
  • Open circuit voltage up to 50V
  • Positive grounding

PWM charge controller 30/45/60 A

  • System voltage 12/24/36 / 48V
  • Open circuit voltage up to 96V
  • Positive grounding

Datasheet English

Datasheet German 12-24V

Datasheet German 12-48V

Manual English

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