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Tracer BN Series (10-40A)

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Charge Controller EPsolar MPPT Tracer BN-Series 10-40A 12-24V


  • MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking)
  • Maximum charge current 10-40A
  • Automatic system voltage detection 12/24V
  • Solar input module open circuit voltage from 5V to 150V open circuit voltage
  • battery deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, overvoltage protection
  • RS485/ interface, Modbus protocol
  • Monitoring via PC software or display MT50
  • Temperature dependent charging parameter correction
  • Fanless convection cooling up to 50°C
  • Timer function up to 1-15 hours Option for night lighting
  • Automatic day/night detection
  • Load output with switch-off option
  • 4 battery types adjustable ( open acid, AGM, gel, user)
  • suitable for lithium batteries

Technical data

  • Battery Nominal voltage 12/24 DC
  • Module open circuit voltage up to 150V DC
  • Max. charging current 10A – 40A
  • Type. Own current consumption < 50 mA
  • Temperature range – 25°C to + 60°C
  • Protection class IP20


The controller can be monitored and adjusted with the MT50 display or adapter cable and software. The controller can be monitored via the PC software.
There are 4 battery types adjustable. In the battery type user the voltages are freely selectable and programmable via the software. (lithium batteries)
A switchable load output enables the user to switch on or off all loads connected to the solar charge controller with one keystroke on the controller or via software settings on the PC.
2 timers can control a night lighting as soon as the controller detects “night“ by the solar module.
Yield measurement of all system parameters and monitoring via PC software possible.
With the optionally available display MT50 the controller can be adjusted and monitored.

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