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Tracer AN Series (50-100A)

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Tracer AN Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Very large range of application from caravans, single family houses to large installations.

  • MPPT charge controller 60A/80A/100A
  • 12-48V system voltage
  • MPP voltage range up to 108V/144V
  • Negative grounding
  • Compatible with Lithium batteries

Simple design of larger hybrid systems

  • Up to 8 charge controllers in parallel operation
  • Integration of grid/generator chargers


The advanced MPPT algorithm reduces the number of lost MPPs (points of maximum power) as well as the time lost for correction. Due to the increased tracking efficiency and speed, the MPP is adjusted very quickly to take the highest possible power from the PV modules at any time.

The limiting function of charging power and current, as well as the automatic power reduction protects the system in case of excessive PV power or increased temperatures.

The adaptable 3-stage charging curve, based on a digital control loop, enables maximum battery life and an increase in system performance. With the load relay and the grid/generator control relays, a hybrid energy system can be easily set up. Comprehensive electronic protection against overcharging, deep discharge, PV polarity reversal, etc. ensures a safe and stable solar system.

The isolated RS-485 interface with standard Modbus protocol and 5V power supply makes a system expansion easy. It supports up to 8 charge controllers in parallel operation.  This results in a very wide range of applications from caravans to single-family homes and large installations.

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