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EP Series

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The EP series is a double battery charging control for caravans, campers, boats and golf carts etc. The charging priority can be selected.

Solar charge controller with system voltages from 12V to 24Volt for 2 different batteries with up to 320/640 Watt module output at 12V / 24Volt battery voltage.

The charge controller is connected between the solar module and the consumer battery and vehicle battery and controls the charging process so that the batteries are always charged to the maximum. It can charge one battery as well as two different batteries with different priorities.
The built-in microprocessor gently charges the battery, thereby guaranteeing a long lifespan for your solar batteries.

The charge status and the charging via the solar module can be seen from the LEDs.
Overcharging of the batteries is prevented since the charge controller ends the charging process when the full capacity is reached.
The integrated microprocessor controls the switching thresholds of the charging process precisely and temperature stable.

Product characteristics

  • RJ45 interface for remote display for optional external display MT1
  • Yield measurement with optional display
  • PWM charging with temperature compensation
  • LED display for charging and battery charge status
  • Keeps the battery fully charged
  • Prevents the battery from supplying voltage to the solar system at night
  • Reverse polarity protection for battery AND solar panel
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • LED shows the charge status of the battery
  • Automatic switching on / off of the charging current, depending on the battery charge
  • 3 battery types adjustable (acid, AGM, gel)

Technical specifications

  • System voltage: 12V, 24V (automatic detection)
  • Nominal PV power: 160 / 320W (12V) 320 / 640W (24V)
  • Maximum charging current: 10-20A
  • DC input voltage (modular working voltage) max. 27V with 12V battery and 37V with 24V battery
  • Leakage current with no charge: = <4mA
  • Temperature compensation: -30mv / ° C / 2V
  • Temperature range: -35 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • Dimensions: 153 x 76 x 37 mm
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Protection class IP20 (dry room)
  • Connection terminals for max. Cable cross section 6mm²

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