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eBox WiFi Adapter

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The eBox-WIFI-01 adapter box enables wireless monitoring using WIFI communication between the solar controllers / inverters from EPSolar and the smartphone APP. Parameter setting, monitoring, etc. is conveniently possible via the APP interface.


  • Enables wireless monitoring monitoring of the solar controller / inverter
  • Support of the smartphone app by simple plug and play setting
  • High-performance CPU with M4 core
  • Ultra-low power consumption and the ability to process high-speed data
  • No external power supply necessary
  • Send and receive distance up to 50 meters
  • One-button reset to be able to reset to factory settings
  • Network cable included

Compatible with

  • LS-B
  • VS-BN
  • Tracer-A
  • Tracer BN
  • SHI
  • STI

The connection via WiFi works like any WiFi router. In its available WiFi networks, the Ebox appears as an open network with which you can then connect. Settings and monitoring only work using the EPSolar APP. With this APP you can monitor, set and read out your charge controller.

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