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UPower Series


Inverter / charge controller UPower series from EPSolar for PV / solar applications. Suitable for solar, car, boat, camping, outdoor, caravan, motorhome etc. Ideal for use in remote areas with many hours of sunshine and with a lack of reliable suppliers.

The function of the integrated MPPT charge controller ensures fully digital and efficient energy storage and use. The inverter with integrated charge controller of the UPower series converts 12 / 48V direct current into 220 / 230V 50 / 60Hz alternating current with a pure sine wave. The manual adjustment of the utility and PV electricity charges enables the ideal ratio of your energy use. The UPower impresses with its reliability and response speed, especially in remote environments.


  • Charge controller and inverter in one device
  • High output voltage stability
  • Selection function for the ratio of utility and solar power
  • MPPT technology for determining the maximum performance point
  • Numerous protective functions: over / under voltage of the battery, over / under voltage at inputs and outputs, protection against polarity reversal and short circuits
  • Charging power limits
  • Compensation function for temperature changes
  • Protection against internal overheating with intelligent ventilation
  • Top-class SPWM technology for the pure output of sine waves
  • low distortion factor (= THD = 3%)
  • 4.2 "Display for showing the system status and real-time data
  • Easy setting of the working parameters with 4 buttons
  • Optional: Wi-Fi module for wireless monitoring and control
  • Control via PC software or APP

Technical specifications

  • Nominal voltage battery: 12V / 24V / 48V
  • Continuous power: 800W / 1600W / 2400W / 4000W
  • Maximum power: 2000W / 4000W / 6000W / 10000W (short-term peak)
  • kompatibel mit der Ebox Wifi zur Fernsteuerung und Überwachung
  • NICHT kompatibel mit Lithium Batterien!

Overview (German)

Overview (English)